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Cool FREE Apps You Should Download When You Join Wing

The fun doesn’t stop at saving money when you join Wing. There are plenty of free apps to download in your App Store or Google Play that can save you from eternal boredom. 

Apps are the cheese to a phone’s cracker. They help compliment each other, especially when they’re a free snack. They’re like those unique samples at Costco, but you get to take them home with you. 

With so many apps on the market, it’s tough to know which ones are right for you. This list will unpack one-of-a-kind apps specific for Apple and Android devices, as well as apps available for both. Variety is important when choosing your player, so each app on this list is completely different from the other. 

Let’s find what works for you! 

On the App Store for Apple Users:

Apollo- The Reddit App 

If you’re a Reddit user, or someone who likes to take part in heartless trolling, then Apollo is an app dream come true. It functions in the same format that Reddit for browser does, but caters all its content to a mobile-friendly screen. It looks as though Apple built this app specifically for iPhone devices- that’s how meticulous the details are.

With a supercharged media viewer, Apollo allows high-quality picture and video posts from Reddit, Imgur, Imgflip, Youtube, Vimeo, and more to fit an Apple device’s full screen so the experience is up close and personal, like an IMAX screen. 

Comment browsing is as easy as sliding your finger up and down, granting complete access to the Reddit community. Speaking of comments, every new text you wish to create comes with a built-in writing editor, called Markdown, that makes sure your opinions are more than valid. It’s writing you won’t regret. 

Apollo is also dark mode enabled and optimized for iPads. 

Download this app if: you love taking part in public forums, binge new media/breaking news, and want to be a member of a fast-paced, in-the-know internet community. 

HomeCourt- The Basketball App

For the basketball lovers out there, HomeCourt is an innovative AI app that uses your iPhone or iPad to analyze how you play ball. As a proud partner of the NBA, HomeCourt is designed to track the shots you shoot, how you dribble, and the way you move around the court through computer vision technology set up on a tripod. Even though it’s formatted to train you, HomeCourt has the feel of a video game and you’re player 1. 

This app boils down to a basketball science called “Shot Science”, which gives feedback on your shot type, release time, release angle, speed, vertical, and leg angle, all with the intention of improving your game. 

You also earn badges and achievements that help motivate you to continue gameplay. With added audio cues that tell you when you’re on a scoring strike, it’ll feel like you’re being cheered on by your personal fans. 

Developed with the help of Steve Nash, HomeCourt is a professionally immersive way to build your basketball street cred while physically shaping you up. Think of it as a virtual personal basketball trainer. And no matter what your skill level is, this app welcomes all players. 

On top of everything, what better way to honor the legacy of Kobe. 

All subscriptions come with a 14-day free trial.

Download this app if: you want to improve your basketball skills, and track your fitness on the court, by being taught form and function from the real deal. 

On Google Play for Android Users:

Google Lens- The Brainy App

Do you ever catch yourself frustrated because the name of an object you see is on the tip of your tongue but you can’t remember what it’s called? With Google Lens, you can easily decode that name and so much more. How? It uses your phone camera, or an existing photo in your camera roll, to gather information about that visual picture. Google Lens dissects an image, and gives you more background history or clarity about its importance and meaning in the world. 

This app has the brains to translate texts for you, identify animal types, explore the best menu items, quickly scan QR codes, recommend and show price ranges for home decor for your apartment, and so much more. 

Much like Google Assistant, Google Lens gets the big and small things in life done faster for you. It searches for answers at an astronomical pace, relieves any confusion you may have, and guides you towards making smart choices. 

Instead of spending time dwelling on “what-ifs”, and racking your brain for hours on end, just give Google Lens a chance to show you what it can do. 

Download this app if: you’re stuck with the unknown, need a quick resolution, or require help with complicated texts. 

Alarmy- The “Wake The F Up” App

Let’s face it, you probably love sleeping in past your alarm but you might actually lose your job because of it…

Alarmy challenges you to quit being lazy and get the hell out of bed. Dubbed as “The World’s Most Annoying Alarm Clock”, Alarmy makes sure your brain and body wake up by programming annoying tasks for you to do when that first alarm goes off.

Missions include: taking a picture of a particular spot in your house, solving a semi-advanced math problem, and shaking your phone up to 999 times all in order to turn your alarm off. 

Alarmy trains your mind to wake up on your set alarm time by stimulating your senses with activities not many people want to do first thing when they wake up. 

40 million users have successfully risen from bed thanks to Alarmy. 

Clearly, it’s pretty genius. 

Download this app if: waking up on time is extremely important to you, you have someplace to be shortly after your alarm goes off, or you want to end your “hit snooze” streak. 

For Both: 

Cash App- The Money Managing App

Your friend’s been bugging you to send them your portion of the dinner they put on their card from last week, but your e-transfer hasn’t been working… What do you do? 

Sign up for the Cash App, and you can instantly pay back those you owe OR receive cash from those that owe you! By means of a Cash Card, which is a customizable Visa debit card provided specially from this app, you can make online purchases or have a physical copy shipped to you. It can work as your replacement debit. 

The Cash Card from the Cash App offers unique discounts called ‘Boosts’, which can be applied to top stores and restaurants. 

There’s also a Bitcoin feature, for those interested, as well as an option to buy or sell stocks in top US companies like Amazon, Google, Disney, Tesla, and more. 

You can even have your paycheck deposited directly through the Cash App! Say goodbye to bank holds. 

All information and payments are kept safe and secure through Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode, and you can pause spending on the app if you misplace your Cash Card. 

This app ranks #1 in the Finance category on the App Store due to its well-rounded money management system and speedy transaction process, among other benefits. 

Download this app on the App Store or on Google Play if: you want a new place to track, store, and spend your finances outside of your typical bank account. 

Duolingo- The Language Learning App 

Say more than “Hola!”, “Ciao!”, or “Salut!”. 

You’ve always said you wanted to learn another language, so why not let an app help you out with that? 

Duolingo uses advanced tech to personalize reading, writing, speaking, listening, and conversation language lessons for you. With over 30 languages to choose from, Duolingo prepares fun tutorials for you to master a foreign tongue, all while being playful and easy to understand. 

TIME magazine has even said, “Duolingo may hold the secret to the future of education.”, and The New York Times quotes, “A single app for language skills, self-improvement and digital escape”. 

This app comes with levels and rewards that enhance the user experience, making it feel like a digital game worth playing instead of a boring lecture. 

Download this app on the App Store or on Google Play if: you want to start impressing your international crush, talk to your relatives from other countries easier, or travel the world without sounding like a tourist. 

Now, which app are you going to download when you’re on Wing?

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Wing users save $650/year. You can too.

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