Get A Free Harvard Education In Quarantine

Free education for all!

As a response to this current pandemic, Harvard University is offering a selection of free online courses to anyone up for a knowledgeable challenge while remaining inside. What better time to educate yourself?

Through edX, their nonprofit online learning platform, Harvard is making educational classes accessible for all. Currently, there’s 67 free classes and about 145 classes that are free to audit. Opting to pay a fee of $50-200 for courses gives users professionally graded assignments, a special resume worthy certificate, and unlimited course access.

Courses range in duration from a week to 15 weeks, and require full commitment from online students. Choose a subject of interest first, then a list of programs will be available for you to pick from. The duration, time commitment, pace, and difficulty level will be clearly laid out for you.

Users get access to online discussion boards, videos, readings, and practice problems.

We’ve curated a list of some phenomenal courses you can take advantage of, categorized by subject area:

For Business  

Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economics (6 weeks/3-5 hours per week) – Learn opportunities of entrepreneurship in emerging markets and develop entrepreneurial solutions.

For Health & Medicine 

Improving Global Health: Focusing on Quality and Safety (8 weeks/2-4 hours per week) – Learn how to measure and improve healthcare practices on both a personal and global scale.

The Health Effects of Climate Change (7 weeks/3-5 hours per week) – Learn how global warming impacts our health and find strategies to lessen those impacts.

Climate change is affecting us all. Learn what you can do to help today.

For Programming

CS50’s Introduction to Game Development (12 weeks/6-9 hours per week) – Learn the principles of both 2D and 3D graphics, animation, sound, and more through exploring existing games like Super Mario Bros.

CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science (11 weeks/10-20 hours per week) – Learn algorithms, solve programming problems, understand software engineering, and get familiar with coding languages like JavaScript and HTML.

Learn how to code during the quarantine.

For Science

Principles of Biochemistry (15 weeks/4-6 hours per week) – Learn the structure and function of life’s molecules and the mechanisms of cellular metabolism.

For Humanities 

Justice (12 weeks/3-6 hours per week) – Learn the fundamentals of moral and political philosophy through one of the most famous courses taught at Harvard.

Take advantage of learning free law.

For Social Sciences 

Contract Law: From Trust to Promise to Contract (8 weeks/3-6 hours per week) – Learn how contracts are formed and issues arise from the breaking of trust.

For Art & Design 

The Architectural Imagination (10 weeks/3-5 hours per week) – Learn basic principles on how to produce your own architectural designs through reading and analyzing history’s most prominent buildings.

For Data Science 

Data Science: Machine Learning (8 weeks/2-4 hours per week) – Learn the science of machine learning and build a movie recommendation system.

Check out how machine learning works.

If you’re craving more of a course search, visit this link to check out other options. Remember to pay attention to whether or not the courses are free!

School doesn’t have to be out for summer if you don’t want it to be. Take advantage of this once-in-a-quarantine opportunity.

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