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How To Make The Indoor Switch To Wing

We hope you’re having a good stay-in.

Due to the current push to practise social distancing, many people are finding themselves indoors with little motivation. Times are seriously tough. And if your current phone carrier is causing you more unwanted stress, times are even tougher.

Now’s the perfect moment to FaceTime or play online games with your loved ones. But if you experience glitchy service, moments like those are fleeting.

At the least, Wing can make your mobile times easier. We can get you on our network all from the comfort of your own home! Seriously, you can switchover while laying on your comfy couch or resting in your warm bed.

We make switching possible to do from home by guiding people through a short, online questionnaire.

Then, we put people in touch with helpful Wing agents who assist with the transition. All of our Wing agents communicate with people via text, chat, or call, and they’re with you every step of the way.

You never even have to worry about contacting your carrier to break free, as a Wing agent will do that for you.

If you want to keep your same phone and continue paying it off with Wing, you can! We can transfer any outstanding lease payments over to our network and you can pay your device off with one of our financing partners.

If you want to get a new device, you can go to this link and choose among New or Like New devices (we have all the latest).

You can even keep your same phone number, or you can get an entirely new one.

We’ll ship you out a free Activation Kit with a new Wing SIM card right to your door. No more going to the mobile shop at your local mall to activate your phone.

To better understand the simplicity of switching to Wing, click this link! You can activate your new or old device on the Wing network when your new Wing SIM comes by clicking that blue chat bubble in the bottom right corner.

For a short visual tutorial, watch this video:

Times like these are isolating, but your phone remains close by.

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Phone Bill Too Expensive?

Wing users save $650/year. You can too.

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