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The Best Activities To Do From Home

We get it, social distancing sucks.

Apart from not being able to come in close contact with your inner circle or working a sociable office job, it’s frustrating trying to stay occupied at home. Mundane and monotonous chores just aren’t going to cut it for people missing that fun life they recently lived out. It’s time we take back the fun.

We’ve compiled a list of the best activities to do from home so you can stay both busy and entertained during this cycle of life.

Master A Mouthwatering Kitchen Recipe 

For everyone who’s previously said they don’t have enough time in the day to cook, we now challenge you to embrace your kitchen. Depending on your taste buds, and the ingredients you have stocked up, these meals may just be the spice of life you need now more than ever:

And for dessert:

Make Gordon Ramsay jealous.

Check out these easy recipes from Twisted that’ll make you drool with delight:

Write Down Your Dreams, Reflect, And Question “Why?”

For an outside-the-box activity, try writing down everything you can remember from your dreams into a dream journal. Critically analyze why your brain is subconsciously thinking about what it’s thinking about. “Why is my ex wearing a spacesuit made of denim and taking me to my mother’s house on a unicorn Vespa?” Maybe you’ll know the answer, maybe you won’t. Either way it’s an interesting documentation of your otherworld. Choose to keep it private, or compare your dreams with others over the phone to make for a meta and meaningful conversation!

Clean Out Your Junk

Let’s be real, you don’t need to hold onto that Christmas card from 2003 or that “Come At Me, Bro” T-shirt. Now’s the time to cut those material losses that you’ve been hoarding forever. Some prime examples of common items you can sort through are:

  • Written documents, files, vintage magazines, literally anything paper (recycle them)
  • Old clothes you no longer wear, bags, shoes (make sure you wash them first)
  • Those card collections you were once passionate about (baseball and Yu-Gi-Oh! to the front of the line, please)
  • Charging cables you have too many of
  • Movies you no longer watch or only found exciting as a child

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, so you can even try to sell your stuff (safely) online through places like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or Etsy. Decluttering is de-stressing!

Showcase A Talent Or Tell A Story Online 

Social distancing is one thing, but no one said anything about social media distancing. Use your platforms to your advantage. Entertain people craving a little extra enthusiasm. With apps like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, you can brighten your own day and other user’s by creating content from home. Here’s some ideas:

  • Do a stand-up routine for an online audience
  • Bust out a viral dance
  • Teach an online yoga class from your apartment
  • Share your tattoo horror stories
  • Livestream your furniture assembly or unboxing moment
  • Host a make-believe seance
  • Make a reaction video to “hard to watch” videos
  • Paint your face like you’re ready to hit the town but you’re actually going to the fridge

There’s an audience for everything.

Here’s a simple video on how to make reaction videos for YouTube:

Most Importantly, Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones

Through your phone, laptop, or tablet, make sure you’re checking in with loved ones and sharing emotions together. Whether you’re laughing or crying, know there’s someone on the other line that’s relating to your experience. Be light-hearted. Karaoke with friends on Zoom, practise another language with your foreign relatives over FaceTime, reminisce about your childhood with your mom over a 4-hour call.

By keeping you in touch and exploring new hobbies, Wing is with you during this time.

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