5 Unique Podcasts Worth Listening To Today

Today, give your ears something to look forward to.

As of January 2020, there’s over 850,000 podcasts along with 30 million episodes available for listeners. That’s an insanely high level of fresh content to download! With so much to choose from, where do your main interests lie?

Last year, the top five categories for podcasts were society & culture, business, comedy, health, and news & politics. Taking from these popular categories, this article will highlight 5 podcasts (one from each category) that work to ease people’s worries about life’s unprecedented issues.

Society & Culture – Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson

Reporting live from a studio filled with smoke, Mike Tyson and former NFLer Eben Britton sit down with brilliant minds, celebrities, and athletes to discuss current issues and past experiences. The podcast started off as a gateway for Mike and Eben to discuss their cannabis ventures, but soon evolved into a prominent talk show. Not only are the stories a great takeaway from the listening journey, but there’s also Hotboxin’ merch that drops on occasion to hype fans up even more. This podcast is like the perfect strain of indica for your eardrums.

Business – Business Wars

Informative and gripping, Business Wars gives listeners the inside scoop on what drives big companies to either sink or swim. Episodes include Nike vs. Adidas, Netflix vs. HBO, Nintendo vs. Sony, Ford vs. Chevrolet, and Hershey vs. Mars to name a few. This podcast gives listeners a closer look at how competitive businesses singlehandedly shape our consumer culture.

Comedy – 2 Dope Queens

In the mood for something dope? Two BFFs from Brooklyn hosted this live comedy show podcast, along with special comedian guests, covering life in NYC, race, sex, romance, and taboo topics. The hosts, Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, were unapologetic about their opinions and, often times, raised some insightful controversy. However, the series ended in 2018 so no new episodes will be coming out. If you’re a New Yorker, you gotta stay true to your roots and give 2 Dope Queens a listen.

Health – Modern Love 

Different voices narrate this popular New York Times column, Modern Love, which deals with unpacking mental health and relationships with oneself as well as with others. Every episode is a personal essay read by celebrities who perfectly hone the craft of storytelling. Episodes range from grieving over a loved one to the sensation of online dating. Modern Love is inspirational, heartbreaking, and motivating. With that being said, have a healthy day.

News & Politics – Pod Save America

Like the cheekiness of the title implies, Pod Save America is a special “no-bullshit” political podcast spearheaded by former Obama aides. Pod Save America unravels American news, urgent matters, and policies through a progressive lens. There are new episodes out every Monday and Thursday, and it’s won the Shorty Award for Best Podcast. Being it election year, it’s critical you’re well-informed and Pod Save America can break down some crucial matters for you.

BONUS – Other People’s Lives 

Wing’s very own Greg Dybec hosts this podcast with YouTuber Joe Santagato which takes a more personalized, vulnerable, and educational approach to the human connection. The listening experience is simple: each episode features an anonymous stranger calling in to share a story they’re dealing with or have dealt with. Greg and Joe steer the conversations in a positive, questioning direction and provide enriching lessons on non-judgemental principles. You truly never know where the topics will go, considering there’s a wide variety of episodes like, “I Like To Get Peed On”, “I Survived A Mass Shooting”, and “My Straight Husband Is A Gay Escort”. If you’re looking for a well-rounded podcast that isn’t afraid to talk about human truths or hard to talk about subject matter, this is the one.

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