How To Keep Your Pets Happy From Home

Playing dress-up with your pets might put a smile on your face and theirs.

If you’re a pet owner, you’ve probably been giving your pets some extra attention while being at home with them 24/7. Though pets do love your attention, they might also be feeling a bit confused with your constant presence. And, let’s face it, your cat might be pretty annoyed to see you all the time.

However annoying and unfortunate these current circumstances are, it’s absolutely essential to keep your pets happy and playful.

Let’s go over a few short tips on how to keep your pets happy from home 😊 🏠

Stock Up On The Goodies 

Since social distancing measures have been taken more drastically, it’s a great idea to get extra pet supplies now. Having at least a 2-week supply of all your pet essentials, like food and medicine, is highly recommended. If you’re a cat owner, make sure to have a flourishing supply of kitty litter and indoor excitements like scratching posts. If your stores have a limited supply, order online ASAP. You don’t want to wait until you’re out of the essentials to think about stocking up.

Have A Daily Routine With Your Pet 

Pets tend to be their happiest when they’re on a consistent schedule with their owners- when everything seems to be perfectly in sync. Being that your new normal is difficult to grasp, try to make sure that you and your pet are still on the same page. This may mean creating specific playtimes throughout the day, like before you start your work-from-home and then again when you’re done working. Sticking to that new schedule will help create more order and balance in your relationship with your furry friends.

Stick To Your Pet’s Regular Mealtimes 

Even when you’re home all day, it’s important to maintain the regular feeding schedule you have going on with your pets. If you feed them more frequently now, it’s going to be tougher to get them to switch back to the regular schedule again!

Reward Your Pets For Good Indoor Behavior 

Give your pets a little treat or belly rub after your video conference call is done for laying down peacefully during your work time. This will let them know they’re behaving sweetly and professionally while you’re being a professional. Use treats and affection towards your pets when they’re behaving their best inside the home. Get stimulating squeaky toys or toys with treats inside for them to enjoy. Especially for those living in smaller spaces, that’ll help your pets be more happy.

Encourage Exercise 

Promote more playtime in the yard or in front of your building with your pets. Take a walk around your neighborhood, just you and your furry friend. Cats are usually pretty occupied with their indoor toys, but certain dog breeds will crave that outside activity. When you do go out with your pets, do practise social distancing.

Worry a little bit, but be happy with your pet.

Your pets will help get you through this, and you will help your pets get through this too!

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