6 Virtual Platforms To Have A Party With Friends

Virtual platforms can be used to host the most talked about parties of the year. All you really need are:

  • A guest list of your friends
  • A set time
  • An online platform

It’s that easy! But, which virtual platforms can house the best parties?

The New Normal Online

Social media consumption has skyrocketed even more, as of late, for obvious reasons, and we’ve seen the rise of little-known apps take centerstage in the theatre we call home.

Since mostly everyone is working-from-home or not working at all (don’t worry, things will be normal again), smartphones and laptops are hosts for online social gatherings. And not just any social gathering, but interactive parties that require participation, some strategy, and tons of laughter. Pretty much all that parties in real life are made of.

Rather than secluding yourself with a binge-worthy series or meditation exercises all the time, try downloading one or more of these virtual platforms to get back into the social groove with your circle of homies.

Best Virtual Platforms For Group Chats & Celebrations

1. Houseparty

Coined as the “Face to Face Social Network”, Houseparty is the ultimate app to throw a small intimate gathering of up to 8 people. Houseparty alerts you when your friends are “in the house” so you can easily hit them up to have either private video calls or greater group discussions. Along with straight up video calling, Houseparty has games like “Heads Up!”, “Trivia”, “Chips and Guac”, and “Quick Draw!” that you can play in friendly competition with people “in the house”. Also, as soon as you open the app you’ll be faced with an unbelievable fact like, “Chewing gum while you cut an onion will help keep you from crying“. Whoa! In this way, Houseparty triples as a video calling platform, a gaming center, and a fact wizard. Get “in the house” and see for yourself!

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2. Zoom

Previously meant for strict video and web conferencing between employer/employees, business 2 business, or online meetings, Zoom is now one of the main hubs for friends to come together and socialize on. Capped at a 1-hour time limit, this virtual platform is great for hosting quick catchups with friends. However, there’s an option to pay for unlimited time as well. With Zoom, you can even use fun virtual backgrounds to brighten your online presence and social distancing dance parties, like Toronto’s Club Quarantineare DJ’d on this virtual platform. What was once safe for work may not be so safe for work anymore with new parties on Zoom. We’re almost positive you’ve attended a Zoom birthday party while in quarantine, haven’t you…

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3. Facebook Messenger Rooms

In the same style as Zoom, Facebook Messenger Rooms require a private link to join the party (whether you host a room of your own or join a friend’s). However, you don’t even need a Facebook account to join. You can even send a link through Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Portal devices, making the experience all the more inclusionary and cross-platform. Up to 50 people are allowed in one room, and the Messenger Rooms feature camera filters, mood lighting, themed events, and 360 degree backgrounds for all the customizable pleasure. There’s also no time limit, so you can party without being booted out!

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Best Virtual Platforms For Group Activities & Gaming

4. Psych! Outwit Your Friends

From the minds of WarnerBros and Ellen DeGeneres, Psych! is a party game perfect for any group of friends. This virtual platform holds different categories where each party player makes up fake answers for real trivia questions. You choose the real answer among all your other friend’s fake answers, and it’s really tricky. To make the game even tougher, you can bring in Ellen and she’ll try to Psych! you out with her answers. It’s a smart, cheeky way to have a virtual party. The perfect substitute for the ever-popular Cards Against Humanity.

Psych! your friends

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5. Jackbox Games

The new God of multiplayer social distancing gaming, Jackbox Games offers tons of Party Packs or stand alone games that’ll make your homebound friends cheer. At a small cost, you can get a Party Pack for one of your gaming consoles or computer that includes multiple engaging activities to do with your friends. Like Quiplash, where your friends can say whatever answer they want to complete a sentence and other players choose the best ones. Available on a wide array of digital platforms, like Apple TV and Xbox One, Jackbox Games are the life of the party.

In order to play, the Jackbox party host opens up a new room for gameplay, players will receive a room code on their screens, then players enter that room code to begin the game using their phones or web-enabled devices as controllers. Games can hold 1-8 people as active players, but can have an audience of up to 10,000! To find out how to have a Jackbox Games party remotely, just click here or watch the video down below for an example of gameplay on the Zoom platform mentioned in this article!

6. Habbo

A blast from the past has recirculated during this time, and it’s called Habbo. Formerly known as “Habbo Hotel”, the refurbished Habbo is still a social networking service and virtual platform for people (particularly teens) to have vintage pixel-art online parties with avatars they build themselves. You can find your community through Habbo groups and forums, participate in role-playing, and join competitions to win prizes. Habbo is a nostalgic way to connect with others, and shouldn’t be taken seriously by any means. At the end of the day, it’s just a cute idea. And now that you’re at home, it’s worth checking out what all the hype was once about.

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