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Best Cell Phone Battery Life: How To Get The Perfect Charge

How many times a day do you check your phone battery and become faced with a cripplingly, shrinkingly, and unexplainably low percentage? We’re sure there’s a high percentage that happens a lot. Odds are, you’re not living your best battery life.

In order to get the best cell phone battery life, you have to practise a few unusual charging habits. This short article will unpack some common misconceptions about phone battery life and provide key tips on getting the perfect charge.

Why does my battery drain so fast?

There’s a few things that contribute to a phone’s decreasing battery such as:

  • The number of apps running
  • Bright display screen
  • Constant social media usage
  • Frequent internal customizations
  • Multiple notification alerts
  • Video streaming
  • Being on it 24/7

A great way to check out what’s eating at your phone’s battery is by going into your phone’s Settings and clicking the ‘Battery’ bar. This will show you exactly which apps are using up the most battery life, as well as display the battery level, activity, and screen time your cell phone is at. This applies for both Apple and Android devices.

How can I get the best battery charge?

  1. Keep your battery level between 65-75%, or 30-90% whenever you can. It sounds wacky, but staying within this range will give the lithium-ion battery in your phone the longest lifespan. Develop a fun little routine of plugging your phone in at certain times throughout the day, even if only for a couple minutes.
  2. Use the phone charger that came with your phone, sold directly from your manufacturer, or approved by your manufacturer. Unapproved third-party chargers may end up doing your phone dirty in terms of durability, sustainability, and weak charge cycles.
  3. Try not to use your phone while it’s charging. If you have your phone plugged into charge but continue using it, you’ll actually confuse the battery and create mini-cycles which will cause the phone battery to sink. In a perfect world, turn your cell phone off while it’s charging to get the best battery result.
  4. Keep your phone in a cool temperature space. If it gets too hot, the battery could be compromised.
Cell phones getting the best battery charge within the day.

When is the best time to charge my phone?

This might sound crazy, but charging your phone overnight isn’t actually the way to go, even if your phone gets to the 100% mark while you’re asleep. If still turned on, it’ll lose part of its overall battery lifespan and weaken the cycle. Try charging your phone a few times throughout the day. And if you can’t help but charge your phone overnight, turn on Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb so your phone’s power won’t continue to run but you can still wake up to your device’s alarm.

Frequent, small charges are actually better than fully recharging to 100%. This is due to the fact that full charges shorten the battery lifespan. It’s recommended that a full 0-100% charge should happen only once a month, as it’s much like rebooting a computer. This will recalibrate the battery and refresh the phone from a month’s hard work.

Will fast-charging help my phone’s battery life?

Fast-charging is supported on most smartphones, but it won’t exactly help your cell phone’s battery life. It’s simply meant to give your cell phone a quicker charge without the hassle of waiting around for hours. Though fast-charging won’t damage your phone’s battery, the heat it generates may affect the overall lifespan. Like we mentioned about storing your phone in a cool temperature space, make sure that’s kept in mind when fast-charging your cell phone as well.

We hope you have the best cell phone battery life after reading this article.

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