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How To Breakup With Your Ex-Carrier

Are you sick of the way your partner is treating you? Have you been eyeing someone else? Is there another carrier on your mind?

In lieu of Valentine’s Day, it’s time to celebrate a new mobile relationship.

That fresh, love interest is Wing.

Remember, breakups don’t have to end on a bad note! That’s why Wing allows you to seamlessly transition into dating again without hurting anyone’s feelings.

While other carrier bachelors want to make you feel like you’re locked into their service for X amount of years, Wing lets you know you still have choice in a partnership. Some carriers are so toxic that they can convince you that leaving them, and bringing your number someplace else, will be the greatest tragedy. Sounds like a controlling relationship.

With Wing, you’re in control. We’re all about mutual feelings, not one-sided threats.

In saying that, Wing gives you the chance to carryover your existing phone and phone number from your ex-carrier. 99% of phones are compatible with us, so you have a very likely chance of being “the one”. All your photos, contacts, and messages can be saved as well. And you don’t lose service during the switch! Love is not a losing game with Wing.

If you currently lease your phone, you can bring over those monthly payments to Wing and pay them off over here!

To finally breakup with your ex-carrier, here’s how to do it:

  1. Click the Join Wing button on our website and answer a few basic questions
  2. Then a Wing Agent will contact you via text and answer anymore questions you may have
  3. After the conversation, we’ll send you a complimentary activation kit and Wing SIM card
  4. Once both arrive, just reach out to a Wing Agent via text at (650) 550-2855 or use our live support chat on the bottom right of this page
  5. A Wing Agent will handle the entire process for you, and will stay with you every step of the way- through text, call, or chat

The switch is so easy. In fact, you can do it entirely from your couch! No need to go into a store. Besides, we don’t want you to travel all the way for us when we can host you. Let’s have a phone lit dinner.

To show you just how simple switching is, see for yourself:

Wing has a lot to offer in a mobile relationship, so take a chance on us. Kiss your ex-carrier goodbye and come on over!

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Phone Bill Too Expensive?

Wing users save $650/year. You can too.

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Phone Bill Too Expensive?

Wing users save $650/year. You can too.

See My Savings