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10 Best iPhone Cases of 2021

The 10 best iPhone cases of 2021 ensure positive protective results. If you’re looking to purchase a new iPhone, you should consider bundling it with a beautiful case. It’s a smart choice to invest in an accessory that will offer protection against inevitable accidents like scratches, screen cracks, and other malfunctions that can damage your phone both externally and internally.

When looking into buying the best iPhone case, one must consider durability, cost, weight, design aesthetic, and other unique features. Rather than waiting for your unprotected iPhone to drop, strongly consider buying a case that protects against smartphone damage.

While this year saw the launch of the iPhone 12 lineup, this article will list iPhone cases not specific to just the newest models. Let’s get into it! Here are the 10 best iPhone cases of 2021.

Most Durable iPhone Cases

Durability is super important when choosing the best iPhone case because you want the accessory to withstand drop damage and pass crash testing. The best iPhone cases must have a good grip and a tough exterior that ultimately protects your phone from any damaged caused. These durable iPhone cases are extremely solid.

1. OtterBox Defender

The Realtree Edge Camo Graphic OtterBox Defender iPhone 11 Pro case.
Photo credit:

Price: $34.96 – $69.95

The OtterBox Defender lineup includes some of the toughest iPhone cases on the market today that still feel lightweight in your hands. Their compact designs allow for seamless grip, and their port covers prevent dirt and dust from entering the iPhone. The OtterBox Defender cases are perfect for those who explore the outdoors. The Realtree Edge Camo Graphic model shown on the iPhone 11 Pro in the photo above matches that outdoor lifestyle incredibly. OtterBox Defender cases include a holster add-on that doubles as a hands-free kickstand and limited lifetime warranty.

Phone Models Available: iPhone 6 – iPhone 12

2. Catalyst

The Catalyst protective case for iPhone.
Photo credit:

Price: $7.49 – $89.99

The Catalyst protective cases for iPhones are the lineup to look into if you want a durable waterproof case. Though many newer iPhone models have substantial waterproof build, the Catalyst iPhone cases offer that extra amount of protection. They’re fully sealed and submersible, offering waterproof to 33 feet. On top of that, Catalyst iPhone cases are drop-resistant up to 6.6 feet and offer a one-year manufacturing warranty.

Phone Models Available: iPhone 4 – iPhone 12

Best Cheap iPhone Cases (That Still Do The Trick!)

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little budget iPhone case that still protects your device from harms way. Cost-friendly, affordable iPhone cases allow you extra coverage without breaking the bank. Check out these affordable iPhone cases for what it’s worth.

3. Smartish Kung Fu Grip

Qualities of the Smartish Kung Fu Grip iPhone cases.
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Price: $11.99 – $14.99

The Smartish Kung Fu Grip iPhone cases are super affordable protective accessories that are simply designed, long-lasting, and entirely one-piece made from thin and light flexible plastic. Though these iPhone cases are not as wildly unique in their designs, the Smartish Kung Fu Grip cases offer a quality screen guard design while maintaining an ultra-light feel.

Phone Models Available: iPhone 7 – iPhone 12

4. Spigen Tough Armor

The Spigen Tough Armor iPhone case.
Photo credit:

Price: Starts at $9.99

Spigen Tough Armor iPhone cases are low-cost, well-made protective iPhone cases with a hard outer shell and horizontal kickstand. Though it’s certainly not the thinnest case on the market, its dual-layer shell will protect your iPhone from future damage flawlessly. There’s also a layer of impact foam inside the iPhone case which further protects your device from shock impact.

Phone Models Available: iPhone 7 – iPhone 12

Best Lightweight iPhone Cases

Lightweight iPhone cases are made for those who want to avoid the bulkiness of carrying around extra pounds on their phones. Slim, transparent iPhone cases can still protect your phone while feeling almost invisible to the touch. Let’s explore a few solid lightweight options.

5. Ghostek Atomic Slim

The Ghostek Atomic Slim iPhone case with red panel.
Photo credit:

Price: $34.98 – $39.98

The Ghostek Atomic Slim iPhone cases pack a highly lightweight punch made from a shock-absorbent TPU inner core with strong polycarbonate back panel and aluminum frame. These lightweight iPhone cases offer an impressive drop protection of up to 12 feet and come with a raised bezel which prevents your display and camera lenses from all the filth.

Phone Models Available: iPhone 8 – iPhone 12

6. Gear4 Piccadilly

The Gear4 Piccadilly clear iPhone case.
Photo credit:

Price: $39.99

The Gear4 Piccadilly iPhone case is a clear and lightweight award-winning impact protection case with black, blue, or rose gold border color options. This special lightweight iPhone case offers up to 10 feet of drop protection in a slim polycarbonate and TPU shell with D30 material for ultimate protection. On top of that, the Piccadilly has an antimicrobial coating that wards off bacteria, is scratch-resistant, and has a UV coating.

Phone Models Available: iPhone 6 – iPhone 12

Best Stylish iPhone Cases

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the outer shell of the iPhone case. For those who value design, aesthetic, and personalization, there’s a perfect iPhone case for you.

7. Native Union

Clic Marble iPhone SE case from Native Union.
Photo credit:

Price: $19.00 – $54.00

Native Union iPhone cases are stunning, one-of-a-kind protective accessories made from unique materials such as marble, wood, leather, and canvas. Every stylish iPhone case is crafted differently to allow for a personalized gift. The above photo features the Clic Marble iPhone SE case crafted with genuine, ultra-thin 0.8mm marble. Most of these designer cases are compatible with wireless charging. All Native Union cases are heavily geometric in their look which brings a high-class aesthetic to the world of iPhone cases.

Phone Models Available: iPhone SE – iPhone 12 (pre-order)

Best Leather iPhone Cases

The rugged, worn-out, genuine leather look isn’t limited to that jacket you love- it’s also a popular design for iPhone cases. Those that admire gritty and authentic leather textures should take a look at this.

8. Nomad

Rugged leather iPhone case from Nomad.
Photo credit:

Price: $4.95 – $79.95

Nomad’s leather iPhone cases are unlike any other due to their premium designs that are insanely gorgeous yet very protective. Their Rugged collections offer iPhone case buyers the style of Horween leather with a durable rubber frame, TPE bumper, and raised edges that prevent falls or scratches from taking place. After using the stylish iPhone case for a while, the leather develops a patina shade and absorbs natural oils from your hands. Nomad also offers Rugged Folio wallet case options for those who want to store their cards on the back of their iPhones.

Phone Models Available: iPhone X – iPhone 12

Best Eco-Friendly iPhone Cases

Sustainability and carbon emission reduction are increasingly important in our day and age, so why not look into getting a sustainable iPhone case that helps out the planet. This upcoming brand has an eco-friendly accessory that’s both cute and environmentally conscious.

9. Pela

Honey (Bee Edition) Eco-Friendly iPhone X Case from Pela.
Photo credit:

Price: $19.95 – $54.95

Pela’s eco-friendly iPhone cases are completely made from biodegradable and compostable materials to promote safe decomposition and eliminate plastic waste. They use a blend of biodegradable materials called Flaxstic, which is a mix of GDH-B1 compostable bioplastic elastomer and flax straw (the more you know). Pela offers a range of eco-conscious Printed, Wallet, Premium Engraved, Clear, Reborn, Slim, Classic Colors, and Hemp cases so there’s a style for everyone! The environmentally friendly case featured in the above photo is their Honey (Bee Edition) Eco-Friendly iPhone X Case which is a Premium Engraved case for $49.95. Their eco-friendly cases are said to biodegrade within a range of 6 months – 2 or 3 years (depending on how you compost). Pela is part of 1% for the Planet and donates an amount of their annual sales to clean water and ocean foundations.

Phone Models Available: iPhone 5 – iPhone 12

Best iPhone Cases from Apple

Undoubtedly, Apple has released a new line of iPhone cases that include cutting-edge new features and sleek designs. If you’re in the market for, or already have, an iPhone 12, this feature case is a game changer.

10. iPhone 12 Silicone Case with MagSafe

iPhone 12 Silicone Case with MagSafe from Apple.
Photo credit:

Price: $49.00

We can’t help but mention the iPhone 12 Silicone Case with MagSafe if we’re talking about the future of iPhone cases for the year 2021. This exquisite case designed by Apple includes built-in magnets that offer faster wireless charging on your MagSafe or Qi-certified charger, along with its soft-touch silicone exterior. The Apple iPhone case model shown above is featured in the rich Cyprus Green color, yet there’s also Plum, Deep Navy, Kumquat, Pink Citrus, White, Black, and Red cases for sale. This brand new iPhone is the solution to device protection and speedy phone charging.

Phone Models Available: iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro

After checking out the 10 best iPhone cases for 2021, we hope you found one that best fits you.

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