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The Best Food Delivery Apps Of 2021 – More Than Just Meals

Food delivery is one of the most treasured forms of convenience in our modern day society. And with everyone being at home these days, it’s more necessary than ever. Food delivery apps make the experience even easier because you don’t need to wait on hold for someone on the other line to get your order correct. Whether they’re used for hot & ready instant meals or grocery delivery service, food delivery apps reign supreme.

But with all the food delivery apps available at our fingertips, which are the most reliable and have the freshest options? Let’s explore the best food delivery apps of 2021 that you have no choice but to download.

Food Delivery Apps For Fast Service


UberEats best food delivery
Photo credit: foodandwine.com

Fee: 15% service fee of order subtotal; delivery fees vary depending on proximity of location

COVID-19 UberEats Update: Contact-less delivery

In terms of fast service, UberEats is king. There’s no shortage of deliveries this popular app is in charge of making, and the restaurant selection ranges from your favorite fast food joints to more upscale/authentic dining. It works in the same style as Uber, such as calculating estimated delivery times and cashless transactions using a payment method card. This food delivery app is user-friendly, icon-heavy, and mouth-watering to browse through. There’s also a new feature called Uber Grocery which delivers groceries to your doorstep from a wide selection of merchants!


Grubhub best food delivery
Photo credit: uncorkd.biz

Fee: Delivery fees vary depending on minimum order amount at restaurant

COVID-19 Grubhub Update: Contact-free delivery

Available in more than 3,200 U.S. cities, Grubhub is a quick service food delivery app that shows you all your nearby restaurants and lets you filter by cuisine type or specific menu item. Grubhub orders are typically no longer than 30 minutes to show up to your door. On top of the speedy window of time, Grubhub recently launched their ‘Perks’ program, which allows their users to redeem and earn rewards to obtain free meals and further promote customer loyalty. One of the best food delivery apps out there.


DoorDash best food delivery
Photo credit: askattest.com

Fee: Delivery fees vary by restaurant

COVID-19 DoorDash Update: Contact-free delivery

The other speedy alternative to UberEats and Grubhub, DoorDash is an on-demand logistics based startup from San Francisco that delivers food primarily to more suburban locations. However, DoorDash is available in 800+ cities across the US and Canada, including New York, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, and more. This food delivery app has an average delivery time of around 40 minutes.


Fee: Delivery fees vary by restaurant and location

With a strong emphasis on supporting local restaurant businesses, ChowNow believes in commission-free online ordering and works with restaurants to provide digital tools that work directly from food business websites to their own delivery app. ChowNow’s easy and informative food delivery app is available in major cities around the U.S., such as LA, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, and more.

Food Delivery Apps For Groceries


Photo credit: venturebeat.com

Fee: Starts at $4, but delivery fees vary depending on size of order and requested delivery time

COVID-19 Instacart Update: Leave at my door delivery in effect

Instacart is the #1 food delivery app for same-day grocery delivery. In as little as an hour, or at a later time more convenient for you, Instacart will bring you items you choose from your local grocery stores through their app right to your doorstep. An Instacart shopper will gather the items you selected from the store and deliver them safely to you. This saves the average person tons of time & money because it eliminates in-store shopping and line-ups. Instacart’s food delivery app is compatible with more than 20,000 retailers in North America and delivers to over 5500 cities.


Fee: Delivery fees vary

Other than being a great option for restaurant delivery, Delivery.com quadruples as an app to get groceries, alcohol, and even dry cleaning! In terms of their grocery delivery services, this food delivery app handpicks groceries you choose from a selection of retailers across LA, New York, New Jersey, Texas, and more. For a full list of retailers they partner with, check out their website here. Delivery.com is available in 100 cities across the U.S. with more than 12,000 merchants.

Food Delivery Apps Outside-The-Box


Photo credit: Postmates.com

Fee: Delivery fees vary; during peak order time, Blitz Pricing fees are added

In terms of a food delivery service that’s completely outside-the-box, Postmates is your surprising new best courier friend. Available in more than 4,200 cities throughout the US in all 50 States, Postmates delivers their users more than just meals — they deliver party supplies, kitchen utensils, phone chargers, chew toys for your dog, and much more simply by partnering with a wide selection of retail merchants to deliver you everything under the sun. Alcohol is even delivered in under an hour! Also, if you pay monthly or annually for Postmates Unlimited, you’re entitled to free unlimited deliveries for every order over $12. Check out what this food delivery app can offer your household right here.


Photo credit: gopuff.com

Fee: $1.95 delivery fee or $6/month membership with free delivery

Branding themselves as the ultimate convenience store, goPuff is the one-stop app shop for everything you need to make adulting a lot easier. Available throughout the U.S. with a strong presence in more than 150 Southern and Midwest cities, goPuff allows users to choose between thousands of normally store bought items (such as cleaning products, over-the-counter medicine, and electronics) and deliver them to your door within an average timeframe of 30 minutes. goPuff is the food delivery app destination for not only quick food items, but lifestyle necessities.

We hope you find convenience in these ultimate food delivery apps for 2021 and more years to come.

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